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    Sales Department | Guangzhou Baiyun District | Full-time

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    • Education: College degree or above
    • Experience: more than 3 years
    • Number of recruits: several

    Job description:

    1. Responsible for market information analysis, market development, equipment sales and other work in the region to complete performance goals;

    2. Find an agent suitable for the development model of Guangri in the area and assist the agent to carry out business work;

    3. The auxiliary department does a good job of management and puts forward reasonable suggestions to achieve the company's department performance indicators;

    4. Train sales reserve cadres and lead new employees to develop the market.

    Job requirements:

    1. Professional requirements: Mechanical and electrical majors are preferred;

    2. Work experience: more than 3 years of sales work experience in the parking equipment industry;

    3. Knowledge requirements: a deep understanding of the industry, independent planning plan, site survey, and preparation of bid project documents;

    4. Ability requirements: Familiar with industry channel agents, able to independently develop parking equipment agents, have strong communication skills, and maintain long-term communication with the design institute;

    5. Personal characteristics: outgoing, aggressive, pioneering, responsible, service, cooperative, sharp, decisive, dedicated, and loyal.

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